Book: Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

I recently finished the book by Gregory Maguire. He’s one of my favourite authors ever since i read WICKED! That was a book I fell in love with. Confessions, was good but somehow not as powerful. I do love how he twists our favourite fairy tales and makes them much darker and gothic. Not that fairy tales were all innocent and sweet of course.

In confessions there was a lot of talk about art, beauty and ugliness. it spoke about how fleeting beauty was, how it could also be a curse like ugliness and how both could be capture in art. but most importantly it talked about kindness and a line from the book sums it up nicely

Clara’s is a gesture of charity, the only beauty that has consequence.

It’s a good read and gives one ideals to think about and as with all fairy tales it has a happy ending, well a fairly happy ending.


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