Book: Lost

Another book by Gregory Maguire.

Yes, another book by him, I was lucky at the library that day. Besides I like reading all the books by the same author in one shot. This is one of his more recent ones, I think it’s his most recent one actually. Not so much based on a fairy tale, but with elements of a Christmas Carol as well as Jack the Ripper and ghosts.

The atmosphere of book was as usual –  dark and very creepy, what with the ghost and the main character going mad. It was a little confusing to follow at first, but everything was summed up at the end, with a little open ending for readers to imagine what they would prefer. I admit I couldn’t feel much for the characters, I think on some level I couldn’t connect with the main character and there was a nagging feeling that she really was mad! There were parts that made me sick, and there were parts which caused me not to be able to sleep at night. Written like a true ghost story but loses steam half way dissolving instead into a woman’s psychological breakdown. There are some sweet touches from here and there, and the quotes from poems, books and nursery rhymes are fun. Still think that his books based of fairy tales are better. Shall go off in search for mirror mirror some time soon.

In other news, happy chinese new year!


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