Anime: Ame to Shoujo to Watashi no Tegami

Another short animation just 6 mins long.

Rain, the little girl, and my letter is a sweet story about a girl who wants to be a novelist, falls in love and writes a letter of confession to the boy she likes unknowingly creating a story for a little girl. The story is not much, but it resonates with me because I’ve always felt that every experience good or bad adds to life’s experiences. From these life experiences we are able to create animations such as these, novels like the girl wants to write and so much more. And yes falling in love is a good thing, whether one is accepted or rejected.

I couldn’t quite agree with the character design, they looked slightly cross-eyed, but the background and the world created was really unique. Classrooms in the sky, and electric trams matched with a small bookstore that looks like it came out of a historical set. The clocks especially caught my attention. So wonderfully different! The animation is okay, but it was an amateur that created this so what can one say? It reminds me of voices of a different star, elementary but really pulled along by the story.

Not bad for an amateur 6 min short. Looking forward to more by him/her.


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