Anime: Mizu no Kotoba

Mizu no Kotoba is also known as Aquatic Language.

At only 9 mins long, it’s worth the time. The scene is set in a cafe with people talking. We follow conversations by the different people, jumping here and there as if there is no connection. I can’t say much since it’s only 9 minutes, but the ending is breathtaking as well as different from what I expected. Quite an amazing piece of short animation, where everything is tied together and you realize that the conversations all had meaning. as one of the characters said

every word has power

or something to that effect.

The animation is not great, the character design is different from the smooth lines we’re used to seeing. But overall it adds to the flavour of the show. The music as well fits in very nicely.

It’s only 9 minutes, won’t take much of you time but will definitely make you smile at the end. So why not?

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