Anime: Kujibiki Unbalance

Kujibiki Unbalance (TV) which is the 2006 version and not the Genshiken OVA version.

Most people familiar with Kujibiki Unbalance would be familiar with Genshiken. Since Kujibiki did spawn from Genshiken. I really enjoyed Genshiken, but Kujibiki is a little different. Although  there is still a lot of parody and poking fun at the anime culture, because it presents itself as a self-contained story some parts do get rather cliché and very lame.

I have to admit that I watched the first 9 episodes a long time ago, and don’t actually remember much about them. Only recently did I manage to watch the last 3 episodes. For the longest time no one was subbing it, which made me sad. Starting off with episode 10 I was slightly shocked that I enjoyed the series so much, had my taste really changed? I couldn’t get over the choppy animation, the cliché characters, the annoying voices and lameness of the plot and yet as I finished off the anime, I realized why I enjoyed Kujibiki.

It doesn’t take itself seriously. It has some of the most typical anime characters, fan service, reverse harem, psychic powers, aliens, mecha, shrine maidens and a whole lot more, and yet there is a discernible plot which was not bad, the characters actually developed and I think viewers felt a form of attachment to some (albeit a small small attachment). Still, seeing how it was a parody anime I think it was pretty good.

I had to remind myself that this came out in 2006 and not to compare it to more recent creations in the parody genre like lucky star which had upped the standard. The animation cannot be compared to what we have now, for the character designs I preferred the ova version. Music wise the opening and endings were appropriate. The voice acting was a bit whinny and annoying, but i have a feeling that was what they wanted, so how can I complain?

Overall, it was pretty good. It was funny, with laugh out loud moments and for fans of Genshiken, I think it wasn’t as good as Genshiken, but from this anime, I think i can understand why the characters in Genshiken talked and loved Kujbiki Unbalance so much.


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