Anime: Level E

I just finished watching Level E! It’s not my usual type of show, a lot of comedy and laugh out loud moments. I did enjoy it immensely. The tricks the baka prince played on everyone were HILARIOUS as were the over the top reactions and overall randomness of the show. Truth be told, aliens have always … Continue reading

Day 30 – Anime character you want to cosplay

Hm. I always wanted to cosplay someone sexy because who doesn’t want to be sexy really? Then i wanted something in those pretty gothic/lolita dresses. But really, I fell in love with the dress from Paradise Kiss and so i would LOVE to cosplay as Yukari. It’s probably been done SO many times, but the … Continue reading

Day 29 – Favorite/Least Favorite English Dub

Really? I abhor english dubs. and the one i hate the most (i don’t watch many in the first place) is the Samurai X one. Why can’t they leave Rurouni Kenshin ALONE?

Day 28 – Favourite pokemon


Day 27 – Favourite anime opening theme song

I did this by accident in a previous post, but really? Hm…let’s do it based on the actual opening sequence. The one that has left the largest impression on me is Paradise Kiss – Lonely in Gorgeous. The song takes awhile to get used to, but i LOVE it. It was on repeat for a … Continue reading

Day 26 – Your favourite harem anime

I don’t like harem anime, and i guess because i’m a girl i could only pick a reverse harem one and i think it’s the only one i watched i think. so here it is Ouran High School Host Club. It was sweet and funny and the guys were LOVE!

Day 25 – Best anime villain

as per the hero/heroine i really haven’t give this much thought. First to come to mind would be that kid/boy from Monster – Johan. He is freaky and although there are reasons why he is so disturbed, he still went to a whole new level. I had nightmares about him.

Day 24 – Favourite anime hero or heroine

Really? I have NO clue. Hero or a heroine? Perhaps Balsa from Seirei no Moribito. She’s way cool, yet awkward at times, a superb fighter and very heroic. :) and she’s sweet at times, a motherly figure and very much still figuring stuff out. She’s got character!

Day 23 – Anime you think had the best, or most intriguing art

I’m not going to choose one with the best art, because let’s face it, i’m a bad judge at that, especially for anime. But the art i most liked in an anime so far has to be KATANAGATARI. Why you ask? Most distinct art EVER. who says everything needs to be realistic! It was SO … Continue reading

Day 22 – Favorite josei anime

I think i’ve grown up a fair bit, to be able to appreciate josei. It’s very refreshing from shoujo and much more mature. :) I like! So continuing on our theme of picking 2 animes instead of one, there is Michiko to Hachin which is LOVE and always will be and then there is Paradise … Continue reading