Anime: Level E

I just finished watching Level E! It’s not my usual type of show, a lot of comedy and laugh out loud moments. I did enjoy it immensely. The tricks the baka prince played on everyone were HILARIOUS as were the over the top reactions and overall randomness of the show.

Truth be told, aliens have always fascinated me. There’s always the question of what if and what would happen and just so many questions. Level E takes it as a given that aliens are living among us and attempts to show us a glimpse of how much more interesting life would be with aliens around! Specifically how much more entertaining life would be with intelligent life who are superior to us. Many of the episodes are stand alone but the plots were good. I loved the twists with the last episode being the BEST of all.

The opening music was LOVE for me, the animation was to be expected, I enjoyed the way they designed the characters. The main character is VERY unique and he invokes a love/hate feeling. There are just sometimes when I’m head over heels in love with him and then there are times when I wish I could stab him. The gags are FUNNY! Yet the plots are believable and can invoke more than just laughs.

Worth watching especially if you want a laugh. I think it’s one of the few gag/comedy animes I’ve watched and one that I’m really impressed with. :)

5 Responses to “Anime: Level E”
  1. Genki Jason says:

    I’m working my way through Level E now and I love it as well! I loved the episode where the school boys see an alien devouring a girl – I didn’t see the ending coming!

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  1. […] secret agent. What do you get? A lot of fun and laughs. So much so, that it reminded a good deal of Level E. And then of course was the drama, and the intense emotions that pulled the show […]

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