Day 30 – Anime character you want to cosplay

Hm. I always wanted to cosplay someone sexy because who doesn’t want to be sexy really? Then i wanted something in those pretty gothic/lolita dresses. But really, I fell in love with the dress from Paradise Kiss and so i would LOVE to cosplay as Yukari. It’s probably been done SO many times, but the dress is SO pretty! :) Can’t wait for the live action movie. I WANNA SEE THE CLOTHES. FOR THAT MATTER I WANT TO BUY/WEAR THE CLOTHES! :)

I know paradise kiss has come up alot this past month, but i love it and now feel VERY tempted to watch it again, if i can find it. :)

Well that wraps up the month of anime. It’s been fun! Very interesting and thought-provoking. I just think there’s SO many unique, epic, interesting animes out there. Oh and the 2011 spring line-up looks pretty good! I’ve also finally started to watch GOSICK and am loving it! Still have quite a number of animes to catch up on. Alas school has started again…who knows how much time i have to watch my favourite shows! :(


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