Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

I was hoping that because it was a full feature-length film that it would be good, besides the anime itself was pretty decent and so were the characters, but as much as I appreciated how grown up Setsuna became, the movie was RUBBISH.

Sure, animation was good, music was good, all the technical aspects were good. It was nice to see where the characters were after the few years after season 2, I like how some of them have grown, but I was expecting SO MUCH more from the plot. The beginning of the movie feels like it has NO link to the rest of the movie. There seemed to be no need to show Marina at all and yet they continue to do so. and seriously, ALIENS? NO. NO. NO.

I don’t actually know what to say. I feel they could have done so much more with the Innovators and cute little teasers and plots they seemed to be throwing in our direction, but really ALIENS?!

Go waste your time on something else, it’ll still feel much better than having watched this and no the after credits scenes don’t help.

See how good the characters looked? Why did they have to be wasted on some half-assed plot? Why I ask you?

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