Anime: Tegami Bachi Reverse

Having finally finished the 2nd season of Tegmi Bachi, I must say that firstly it is a lot better than the 1st season and secondly, it’s still not very good.

The story, the setting has a lot of potential, but throughout the series they give us so many hints and teasers and yet continue leaving us with SO many unanswered questions. I’m going to guess that there will be a 3rd season. Stilll…Lag is the same person he was ( an annoying cry baby) except for the CRAZY increase in power that has no explanation….I mean even some show of his progress or something would be better than just BOOM lots of power. Niche is cute and this season we’ve learnt her back story (that’s one mystery solved!). Gauche is found, lost, found, lost so many times through the season that even though he was my favourite character he has lost my respect, it’s unfortunate that his character seems to be regressing. The other characters are okay, a good deal of emotional turmoil goes on in this season, which causes us to expect some growth, but one realizes that there has been no change, or that the changes are superfluous. The one saving grace is the character designs (although there seem to be lots of white-haired people).

Plot-wise, because of the day of flickering, the introduction of reverse, the artificial sun, there’s So much going on for Tegami Bachi. but they just keep pushing it back, leaving us teasers and hints and a cry baby, which annoys me really, it could be a little more fast-paced. So many times they just stand around and talk (or hold guns at each other) and the hints they throw make some things so OBVIOUS they might as well move the plot/story along a bit more. The frustration this causes me!

Honestly, go in not expecting too much and you’ll be fine. Watch it if you must, but I’d wait for the 3rd season to start before catching up on the 2nd season.

Here’s to hoping the 3rd season will be the last, simply because I’m tired of seeing lag. *wow I just realized his name is rather lame*


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