Anime: Beck

When I first saw this anime, the one thing that really stood out was the dog and let’s face it, the dog is UNIQUE! Actually, the entire anime is unique!

Let’s start with the setting, recently there have been a good number of “band” animes, take for example NANA or maybe K-on. But to think that Beck came before all this, and deals with high school kids. It’s not as gritty as Nana and yet not as kiddy as K-on. A perfect in between and an amazing coming of age story. It delves into the world of indie bands, talented individuals who get together to form a band in the hopes of making it big! It’s an anime that dares to dream and attains those dreams though hard work. It has a good balance of personal relationships, mystery, the reality of creating a band and so much more! It’s an anime that reflects reality and that I think sets it apart.

Whether or not it’s an accurate portrayal of the band scene in Japan I do not know, but I love the mix of music, of talent, of dreams and of love. It comes together with a GREAT plot. The characters are REAL, their feelings are REAL, the dynamics of the band are REAL, the problems they face are REAL. It makes for great drama and it keeps you coming back for more. Of course some parts are just crazy and there are parts which are funny, but it’s all these things that make Beck so amazing. Each character has their own motives, their own desires, passions and when they collide with each other they form Beck. There was attention to detail, to movements, to gestures, to looks in the eyes, to sound, to times and places and everything just brought the characters and anime to life.

The animation is OLD-school, sort of anyway….well Beck is fairly old, but the plot moves people, the characters invoke emotions, the music was interesting (i’ll admit it wasn’t my kind of music) and that somehow was enough. The ending was apt, and felt like the beginning of something bigger and better. The characters grew, friendships blossomed, teenage love confused itself, partings were painful but very well done. In just 26 episodes so many things were touched on and I actually want a 2nd season, but a 2nd season isn’t really needed. Because Beck makes you content. Sure it was an anime about a band wanting to make it big, but more than that. It was about a band who loved to make good music, who didn’t sell out, who loved their fans and audience and it was band that loved each other. To me, the story wasn’t just about making it big, but about staying together because they had found something special. To me, it was about being content with what you had, because what they had was chemistry.

It’s a coming of age story, which tells you that when you find something amazing, go for it, keep at it and never let it go. It is Koyuki’s coming of age story and he does a splendid job at it.


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