Writing reviews

It seems a little late to be saying this, but I’ve never ever written reviews before. Sure i know for myself what i like about an anime or a book, but to articulate that and to be critical (not biased?) is foreign to me. I know for a fact that I can’t be objective, there will be certain aspects I appreciate or look for in an anime or a book, besides that’s what the different genres are for, they cater to different audiences. But I’m just curious, what do people look for when reading a review?

Personally, I just want to know if the person who watched/read the anime/book found it interesting and worthwhile. But is that enough? Do I need to go into details, like the fluidity of the animation, the art style/character designs, the background music, or is it enough to focus on plot and characters? Still very unsure about how this whole thing goes and to top it off, I’m not the best writer. Sigh, I guess for now it’s just trying to grope around in the dark and find a style that I like and suits me. :) To better reviews in the future!

Any advice and suggestions would be helpful! Hee.


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