Anime: K-on!

I was hesitant to watch this particular anime, firstly because it was in the MOE genre, and being a girl, I can’t say I appreciate it as much. Secondly, it was so hugely popular that to be honest I got a bit scared, I haven’t really enjoyed all the mainstream favourites with the exception of perhaps FMA:B. So it was with a great deal of apprehension that I began watching K-on!

K-on! typifies the slice of life genre, it is essentially about a group of girls in high school who have revived the light music club. The characters are your usual run of the mill, and even the concept isn’t new. They don’t take music as seriously as say nodame or beck, and the anime really focuses on the a club and how it’s fun. The chemistry of the girls is what really pulls the anime along. It’s a joy to watch them make friends with each other, interact with others, have fun, make music and essentially float their days through life. It’s a kind of anime where you can sit back, relax, suspend your thought processes and enjoy. I guess that was what made it so popular. It’s very fluffy and very sweet and girly which is apparent through the songs they sing through out the anime.

For me it is an anime that reminded me of what high school life was about. It wasn’t about the studying but instead all my memories came from after school clubs and hanging out with friends. Even though there’s nothing original or nothing that stands out in particular, it’s a good anime simply because it’s enjoyable. It’s reminiscent of minami-ke and spawned animes like so ra no wo to in terms of characters. It has a following of die-hard Mio fans (no she’s not my favourite) and for some reason a lot of guys like it. I guess everyone found something special in this particular anime, whether it was characters, music or just the general atmosphere. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a great anime. There was no real plot (but then again it is slice of life, there doesn’t need to be a plot), it isn’t as funny as say lucky star or minaimi-ke, but it was enough. It’s okay not to practice and to have tea in the afternoons, it’s okay to spend training camp playing because the whole point is to have fun.

As one of the characters said, it’s strange how they can perform so well on stage with so little practice, but it has something to do with the chemistry and fun they have with each other.

K-on! isn’t perfect, but it is an enjoyable watch and that’s why I like coming back to the slice of life genre once in awhile.


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