Anime: The Case Files of Young Kindaichi Movie

I will never tire of Kindaichi. I love the mystery. And this movie was no exception. This is the 2nd time kindiachi visits the opera house on the island and he should by now know what to expect, a spate of serial killings similar to that of the opera. There’s no surprise here, but as usual it’s the clues dropped throughout the show and the characters that really make this mystery fun and thrilling to watch at the same time. It’s amazing that they can use the same setting but have a whole new mystery with a new killer and all that. And the best part of kindaichi for me is how the back story comes to light, because every killer has some tragic story about why they are killing and the connection we get to see among the cast of characters. They may have repeated the same formula a million times, but it just never gets old. The animation however, is rather old and follows the original series. There have been 2 more recent specials (one on the opera house again) that have updated animations. Oh the possibilities of adapting more kindaichi!

I really should get around to watching the rest of the anime, but so few episodes have been subbed and it’s a real pain to watch it in chinese. At least the live action has fared better. So here’s to more kindaichi in the future, be it in manga, anime or live action form, because admit it we all love kindaichi!


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