Manga: Usagi Drop

From the moment I started reading this manga I fell in love with it. It was everything that was unique, sweet, heartwarming and shoujo all rolled into a fluffy ball and tied with ribbons. It was different from anything I had ever read before. I absolutely loved Rin as a character. The small girl that she was, to … Continue reading

Book: A lion among men

I have to say that I LOVE Wicked the book and when the 3rd installment for the series came out, I had to buy it. However it did take me quite awhile to finish reading it. I’m not sure why, maybe because I wasn’t too interested in the Lion and because really I want to know … Continue reading

Anime: Black★Rock Shooter

Black★Rock Shooter started life as a single original character design before getting its own song and a vocaloid PV and now it’s very own OVA. There was a lot of hype when the OVA was rumoured to be coming, and no wonder, the PV was/is very popular. Still, I wondered what I should expect before watching … Continue reading

Anime: Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail

For fans of the Black Lagoon series, Roberta’s Blood Trail is a must watch. It’s a continuation of the 2nd season, with our favourite maid Roberta back and crazier than ever. With her master dead, she become the wolf hunting the foxes and going for the kill. It’s a blood bath, so expect more fighting, … Continue reading

Anime: Over Drive

Sports anime has to be one of my favourite genres, I love being sucked into the atmosphere of the competition. Over Drive is no different. Although it starts off with Shinozaki Mikoto already in the tour de france, the anime goes back to his beginnings. How he got introduced into the world of bicycles, how he … Continue reading


I just had to say this, but if ever there was a manga that I would be willing to buy in English, it would be Trigun. I think I shall buy it when Kinokuniya is next having sale. Better start saving up! In other news, has anyone seen the latest season line-up on anime? EPIC … Continue reading

Anime: Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season

Better to have loved than to have not loved at all right? In the case of the 2nd season of Kimi ni Todoke the latter might have been better. Kimi ni Todoke is a great anime series, the 1st season was sweet and to see the feelings of Sawako reach Kazehaya was amazing. The second season however seems just a tad … Continue reading

Anime: Gosick

Gosick is set in the Victorian era before the advent of the industrial revolution, it is in the fictional country of Saubure, where the fight between the occult and science is ongoing. Here we are introduced to Victorique and Kujou two students in Saint Marguerite Academy. Victorique with her long golden hair is known as the golden fairy (of the library), … Continue reading