Anime: Gosick

Gosick is set in the Victorian era before the advent of the industrial revolution, it is in the fictional country of Saubure, where the fight between the occult and science is ongoing. Here we are introduced to Victorique and Kujou two students in Saint Marguerite Academy. Victorique with her long golden hair is known as the golden fairy (of the library), while Kujou is known as the Black Reaper. The two make a strange but interesting pair, with Victorique’s intelligence a match to Kujou’s diligence.

Gosick starts off as a mystery kind of anime, each episode or arc deals with a mystery that Victorique never fails to solve. It is through these mysteries that we get to know more about Victorique and her past as well as the events that are going to happen. Now, the plot in Gosick is the strongest point of this anime. The way in which events and hints dropped in earlier episodes are drawn together to a pretty epic conclusion is amazingly well-done. In between there are still times when the plot surprises or new information is brought to light. Amazingly well written and I would love to read the novel simply because of how well everything comes together.

The thing that lets the anime down I feel are the characters. Perhaps because Victorique and Kujou are only 15, but the events that are happening seem to be  beyond them. Instead of focusing on the events, on the mysteries and on the conspiracies, Gosick decides to focus on the love between the two, which I feel is a bit of a let down. For love to blossom between the two is something one can expect from the very first episode (or from the opening sequence for that matter) and their endless proclamations of love for each other and always being together gets a bit old pretty fast. The “older” characters, that is the adults are much better characters. They seem to have more depth as compared to the 15 year olds, but it’s never really explored in detail. There is/was a lot of potential there, but Gosick just touches on the surface, mentions the adults’ pasts in passing and leaves it at that.

Still Gosick is a decent anime, well animated and the music is good. I especially enjoyed the opening sequence. In terms of voice acting, nothing really stood out. In all, a well-made anime, and from what I heard, a good adaptation of the novels. I loved the mix between facts and fiction, the weaving of “legends” into reality is very well done. A good mystery anime that keeps you guessing till the end, besides it had its sweet moments and ‘OMG did they really do that’ moments as well. So definitely check it out. One of the better animes from the winter 2011 line up.

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