Anime: Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail

For fans of the Black Lagoon series, Roberta’s Blood Trail is a must watch. It’s a continuation of the 2nd season, with our favourite maid Roberta back and crazier than ever. With her master dead, she become the wolf hunting the foxes and going for the kill. It’s a blood bath, so expect more fighting, shooting, appearances from favourite characters, swearing and lots of tantalizing new information about the people we thought we knew.

The Black Lagoon series is a great one to watch, for those that like the mafia underworld and lots of fights and action, the OVA is even better. For those who have watched the 2nd season, it delves more deeply into Rock’s moral conundrum, into Revy’s fascination with Rock, and the growing up of the little boy Gracia. There’s a good deal of conspiracies going on, fights for territories and everyone is trying to gain control of the situation. It’s captivating and really, there’s no other series like this.

The animation is great, the fights are splendid, the opening and ending themes as eerie as ever. It’s through this OVA that we see Rock at his best and also at his worst. We see a little boy granting salvation to his maid. We see life in Roanapur as it really is, corrupt with every man/woman for themself and with secret agendas to boot. It’s a world that’s both captivating and repulsive. It’s a world that truly lives, even though as Revy says everyone is dead. The world of the living dead, where the rules don’t apply and a Japanese business man is out-of-place, yet has managed to fit in.

I want Black Lagoon to continue, but I also want it to end with this OVA. Conflicted. Just like Roanapur and all the characters are. Conflicted. But alive, and what a life it is.

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