Anime: Black★Rock Shooter

Black★Rock Shooter started life as a single original character design before getting its own song and a vocaloid PV and now it’s very own OVA. There was a lot of hype when the OVA was rumoured to be coming, and no wonder, the PV was/is very popular. Still, I wondered what I should expect before watching OVA.

A lot of the OVA is based on what was shown in the PV, the entire “other self” world is based on the world shown from the PV. It’s AMAZINGLY pretty, I love how they did the backgrounds, I quite like the character designs and I enjoyed the fight scenes. The problem I think is creating a full length (1hour) show from a PV (5mins). It’s not a bad attempt of course. The plot was fairly interesting, the direction, the animation, the music was all good but it just didn’t add up to a great anime.

Maybe because the OVA is so short, some things are not explained. Who is Black Rock Shooter? What happened to Yuu? Who was the girl from the first few minutes? And other questions. There are very obvious holes that may be filled eventually if they continue with a series. But for a stand-alone OVA it’s not enough. The accelerated friendship portion was well done, it captured the moments in every high schoolers life, it gave us a good idea about the friendship that was forming. The direction of the OVA is good, it’s actually VERY good, but the plot is just slightly lacking. To best sum up the anime, without spoiling anything, I guess I would say that it’s technically beautiful, but it seems as if there is more to come. If there IS more to come, then fine, it’s a pretty good intro to the series. If it stops here, then really, they should have done a better job.

It’s an okay anime. You can choose to spend an hour watching it, or you can choose to spend an hour doing something else. It’s not crucial to watch, but there’s this nagging unsatisfaction after watching that just won’t go away. To be fair, it was supposed to be a 12 episode series, cut down to a 6 episode series, with the final product a 1 hour OVA. Understand this and you will understand why this OVA was the way it is.

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