Manga: Usagi Drop

From the moment I started reading this manga I fell in love with it. It was everything that was unique, sweet, heartwarming and shoujo all rolled into a fluffy ball and tied with ribbons. It was different from anything I had ever read before. I absolutely loved Rin as a character. The small girl that she was, to the mature woman that she became. I think I would really like to have  a daughter like her. Daikichi is your normal middle-aged man who takes in Rin like a daughter. The sacrifices he makes for her sake and the adjustment period for both of them in the beginning months are a JOY to read. Kouki is also such an adorable boy, causing so much trouble but still SO cute!

As much as I liked their childhood, I appreciated the time skip to high school. Rin really matured and it gave her the opportunity to be in very different situations where we can see how she’s grown up. Kouki has become the bad boy and Daikichi is getting older. The story touches on the consequences of these two facts and deals with it pretty well too. It’s a heartwarming story about love and family. With the time skip, the story is able to touch on high school life and we all know how important that is. Many things happen and many things change.

Relationships are at the heart of this manga. Rin’s relationship with Daikichi and how it progresses. Rin’s relationship with Kouki. Daikichi and his relationship with Kouki’s mother. It reminds me of how much parents sacrifice for their kids. It shows me what childhood relationships can progress into.

The only problem I had with the manga was the ending. It kinda became normal shoujo endings, which I think was a bit of a waste for such a good manga. But to each their own, I guess one can call the ending sweet as well.

I loved the art, it was soothing and the atmosphere/vibe is similar to the one I get from Kimi ni todoke.

An amazing manga despite the ending and I can’t wait to watch the anime. It’s already started, but for these kinds of anime, I don’t think I’d be able to wait for an episode each week. Going to wait for it to finish before starting on it.

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