Anime: Jyu Oh Sei

I’ve been bored lately, there haven’t been any exciting shows popping up on my radar. I needed something with action and then I remembered Jyu Oh Sei. It’s an anime that came up quite some time ago – that being in 2006 and I remembered it because I thought it was pretty interesting and that one … Continue reading

London Burned

Sounds like something out of an apocalyptic movie or anime. But it’s not, it’s reality. I’ve never been to London, I don’t know anyone in London, but it still made me cry. Why? Because the rioters and the looters are people from my generation. Shocked, horrified, disgusted. I don’t feel any of those, I just … Continue reading

Anime: Kuragehime

Known as jellyfish princess in english, Kuragehime is a wonderful story about otakus. Not your normal otakus (obsessed with anime/manga) mind you, but  girls who are obsessed with a variety of things (jellyfish, dolls, trains etc.) It’s a depiction of life that is usually not shown in anime and this makes it rather interesting. Into their secluded … Continue reading