Anime: Kuragehime

Known as jellyfish princess in english, Kuragehime is a wonderful story about otakus. Not your normal otakus (obsessed with anime/manga) mind you, but  girls who are obsessed with a variety of things (jellyfish, dolls, trains etc.) It’s a depiction of life that is usually not shown in anime and this makes it rather interesting. Into their secluded life enters crossdresser Kuranosuke.

Don’t be fooled though, Kuragehime is actually your usual shoujo anime in disguise. Behind the otakus and their obsessions lies a girl who thinks she’s ugly and weird and a guy who never expected to fall in love with said girl. The situation is what is interesting and I guess that’s what really gives this anime its uniqueness. Also throw in REALLY wacky side characters and you get an anime like Kuragehime. Lots of jellyfish, random laugh out loud moments and sweet moments too.

If you like shoujo, give it a shot. If you like jellyfish, give it a shot. If you like knowing more about the otaku world, give it a shot. And if you have an obsession (about anything really), give it a shot. This anime, has something for everybody.


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