Anime: Jyu Oh Sei

I’ve been bored lately, there haven’t been any exciting shows popping up on my radar. I needed something with action and then I remembered Jyu Oh Sei. It’s an anime that came up quite some time ago – that being in 2006 and I remembered it because I thought it was pretty interesting and that one of the voice actors in the anime was the japanese actor Shin Oguri. So I decided to give it a try and ended up spending 6 hours watching the entire series.

It starts very well and I got hooked. It was serious and fairly action packed and intriguing! The characters seemed pretty interesting, the concept was fairly new, the plot got me thinking, the opening and ending themes were good , animation was well-done and everything was going smoothly.

And then it went downhill after the time skip. This has made me realize, sadly, that some times, time-skips are BAD. Just because a character was interesting when they were young, doesn’t mean that they will remain interesting 4-5 years later. After the time-skip Jyu Oh Sei suffered from a super rushed script and seriously bad dialogue and a strange fascination (on the women’s part) to have babies. It was disappointing to say the least.

The plot was actually quite good in general, given more time (episodes), I think it would have developed a lot better. Many bombshells were dropped at the end. It would have been nice to see a bit of character development instead of one moment we are introduced, the next they’re dead. However that being said, I absolutely loved the characters. All of them were so tortured and always denied what they wanted with some conniving characters thrown in for good measure. It’s a good mixture and results in some angsty drama, which is fun to watch. Another aspect I really liked was the environment they lived in, it was well thought out (relevant to the plot) and beautifully animated.

For a beginning so good to a rubbishy middle to an okay ending, it’s worth a watch if you like this genre of anime – sci-fi with political intrigue. An average anime I guess, amazingly it made me tear at the end, which pushes it up to go watch if you have the time kind of anime. Or if you like the character designs – because let’s face it, it was pleasing on the eyes at the very least.


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