Anime: Karigurashi no Arrietty

Also known as the borrower Arrietty in english, it’s the latest studio Ghibli movie, adapted from the book “the borrowers afield”. It’s not a true adaptation, no studio Ghibli has ever been a true adaptation, but like all studio Ghibli movies it’s very endearing. I have to admit that’s what i like most about studio Ghibli films, they always seem to be targeted at kids and yet I think people of all age can appreciate them.

Arrietty is no different in that respect, a simple story about “the borrowers” who are essentially very small people who live in people’s houses and borrow things from the people. However a boy sees her and so the story begins! If you’ve watched a good deal of studio Ghibli films, you should know by now how the female characters are always the strong, independent ones. Arrietty is an amazing girl, who craves adventure and excitement and yet also gets embarrassed when meeting another boy of her own age. She’s not afraid of anything and is resourceful. Her character really shines through the show, as compared to say Shou the main male character. He’s sickly in the beginning, but still retains his sense of wonderment and his character really grows because of his meeting with Arrietty. The rest of the cast of characters add and support the two of them very well.

The art and animation are studio Ghibli standard STUNNING and breathtaking all at once. The music is worth listening to on its own. Although the general plot was good, there were some parts that were a bit awkward, especially the dialogue between Arrietty and Shou in the garden. In general however, karigurashi no Arrietty is a coming of age story, how a girl learns that her actions has consequences, how a boy learns to live life and how they both set forth from there.

If you like studio Ghibli, this is a MUST watch. If you don’t like studio Ghibli, I would say watch it anyway. It’s a good movie and gives you that nice warm feeling after.


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