Anime: Memories

Every once in a while, you chance upon an anime or a movie that no one seems to know about. You wonder why that is because it’s an AMAZING piece of work that everyone should be talking about. Memories is exactly that. From Otomo Katsuhiro of AKIRA fame (and which person doesn’t know AKIRA?) and the production team of Studio 4°C (who are really quirky and unique! okay maybe a bit too quirky and unique for most people) comes a well crafted 3 part movie.

The stories in the movie have no link to each other, each portray a very different genre but they do it exceptionally well. I don’t want to devulge  too much about the stories, but I assure you I was sceptic at first. The movie had come out in 1995 but it was the creepy haunting tunes of the 1st part – magnetic rose that hooked me so easily.

The 1st story Magnetic Rose in not original in the sci-fi genre although I’m not quite sure if it predates the other cyber-futuristic stuff (GiTS?). It tells a story of the future concerning robots and yet out of all three stories it has the most human aspect. The 2nd story is obviously from the comedy genre, it doesn’t take itself too seriously and does it to great effect. I was laughing the whole way through at the ridiculous storyline and characters. The 3rd story I felt was a little hard to understand, the art was obviously Studio 4°C -ish, the storyline…well I can’t really say what the storyline was about. For me I suppose, the last story was the weakest in the sense of lack of emotion, but perhaps that was what they were going at. I guess you’ll have to watch it for yourself. It did however remind me of a book I once read in my teenage years called Mortal Engines. There is a great resemblance, in the way the cities are built, the hierarchical structure of society and the population living for war.

In the more technical aspects, Memories is faultless. The music, as I mentioned was what drew me in, and for each of the stories their background music was most fitting. The animation was amazing given that it came out in 1995. The styles were different across the stories and they really show off the talent in anime as well as the variety of anime genres.

I have nothing but praise for this movie and I really would ask you to watch it. Watch it and spread the word.

One Response to “Anime: Memories”
  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    This is the second recommendation I have gotten for Memories. Will definitely check it out.

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