Anime: Detroit Metal City

Detroit Metal City is a pretty short anime about DEATH METAL. It’s a really funny depiction and to a certain extent fairly accurate? I’m not into death metal, so I’m not sure how true the anime remains to the genre, but it’s definitely an accurate depiction of what the general population thinks of death metal. The crazy antics of the manager and the fans and sometimes the artists themselves were HILARIOUS and paired with the unwillingness of Negishi it is priceless.

The situations that Negishi gets into and his own personality is what makes this anime so funny and of course the rest of the characters are a laugh as well, from the manager (she really is fucking insane!) to clueless Aikawa, to the other band mates and the other bands they face off against. Negishi always seems to run into people he knows. At 13 mins per episode,most episodes covers two plot lines. There’s no overarching plot, but as the anime progresses, DMT is getting more popular and it would seem that Negishi’s secret will be blown sooner of later. It would have been great to see that happen, but the anime doesn’t progress so far.

Only 12 episodes long, hilariously funny and if you don’t mind a good deal of swearing….go check it out.

On a side note, I have to admit that Studio 4°C is becoming my go-to source for all things weird and funny. It helps that their animation is very smooth, although their designs are sometimes a bit out there, but still they’re amazingly good.

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