Anime: Iblard Jikan

Have you ever just sat inside on a rainy day and watched the rain outside, perhaps listening to your favourite music, your hands warmed with your favourite hot drink? That’s the feeling I got when watching Iblard Jikan. If you like going to museums and appreciating art, then this anime is for you. There’s no real story or plot, it’s just a lovely showcase of the world Naohisa Inoue has created through his art.

Paired with the most amazing music, we float through the world Iblard and it’s a fantastical, whimsical, colourful world!The way the background is animated is really pretty and soothing, the flow of water, the wind through the trees, the clouds in the sky, all these were done well. The only problem I felt was the animation of people. The “characters” were in usual Studio Ghibli style and it just didn’t match with the background, to me it felt like an intrusion into this wonderful art. Maybe it was the colour palette that was different that made it so different, but the people felt out of  place in this animation.

In a conventional sense, this isn’t so much an anime, but more of a portrayal of scenes from Iblard. Having just watched tale of a street corner, I can’t but help compare the two. Both have no dialogue, and yet tale of a street corner manages to convey a story and invokes emotions. Iblard on the other hand is really there to be appreciated, to watch and be amazed by the beauty of Iblard. It’s amazing how many forms of anime there are.

Get lost in the world of Iblard and hope that soon Studio Ghibli will create a story set in this beautiful world.


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