Anime: Tiger & Bunny

Reality TV is everywhere, it has even come to anime! Introducing Tiger and Bunny an anime about a reality TV show called HERO TV where heroes (people with super powers) compete to save people and avert disasters to gain points. Tiger and Bunny are two contestants and the anime is really about their blossoming partnership.

If you were looking for something cutesy and fluffy, you won’t find that here, instead you’ll be bombarded by advertisement and sponsorship details on the hero’s costumes. It’s a brilliantly original concept, and they really do take the whole hero reality tv thing VERY seriously. But beyond that, the anime delves into each of the characters, making them Real people and not just Heroes who go around saving people and catching bad guys. Besides, who can forget the mystery that seems to shroud them. There are some serious plot twists that come at you from nowhere, making the anime very enjoyable. However, it does suffer from some cliques that you can see coming from a mile away.

The characters are good, perhaps not great, but funny and the pairing of tiger and bunny is GOLD. They have got to be my favourite partnership so far (reminds me of the golden pair – Eiji and Oishi from prince of tennis). Secondary characters are interesting with at least one episode dedicated to each of the heroes. All in all a good mix of personality types and the fact that they are “working” for their sponsors gives the creators a lot of room to come with cheesy catchphrases!

The plot was intriguing, I think there will be a second season judging from the massive response from fans. Also with all the hints being dropped in the last epsiode….and unfinished business in general. It’s well crafted and keeps you on your toes. A mix of action, mystery and hilarity. One of the better animes from the season. :) Animation was okay, standard (unfortunately) sunrise stuff. Of course they could make it look better, but it was okay. At the very least it didn’t take away from the show.

So if you’re looking for your mecha fix go watch Tiger & Bunny. Really it’s not fluffy at all. And come on, who doesn’t love reality TV?


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