Anime: Bleach Movie 4 – Bleach: Jigoku-hen

Bleach: The Hell Chapter is the newest movie offering from the immensely popular Bleach series. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t follow the anime anymore. However, I do still read the manga on a weekly basis.

Bleach is VERY shounen, if you’re sick of the genre, stay away from this movie!

Set after the whole espada arc, Ichigo is back on earth and still seeing spirits. Not to give too much away, Ichigo being SUPER POWERFUL has attracted a lot of attention, a lot of bad attention. Some people from Hell want him to help them escape. The plot is cliché. The twist is predictable and the characters are the same that we have seen so many times before. There’s nothing new, except for sword action and cool fighting.

The Bleach movies are the only animated stuff I watch from the series, I’ve gotten tired of fillers and drawn out fights. Still it’s nice coming back to some action and fluid animation. Fights (I concede) are always cooler animated. It’s the only reason I watch the movies (although the plots in the previous movies were still better).

I really have nothing good to say about this movie other than the fighting. The whole story was just recycled stuff. The inner conflict that Ichigo faces is the same thing we’ve seen one too many times. The secondary characters are also becoming less interesting, Orihime and her overly large boobs do not make up for the lack of characterization. Even the jokes aren’t funny. Maybe I’ve grown too old for shounen?

If you’re fan, I’m sure you won’t mind watching this 4th movie. If you’re big on the whole shounen thing, I guess you know what to expect (just to clarify – these is better shounen out there!) . If not you could probably just skip this. Stick to the manga, it has better plot.


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