Book: The Hunger Games

It’s not that the hunger games isn’t a good book, it is. It’s just that I feel like I’m too old to be reading books for young adults. Have I really grown too old?

The plot is original and compelling and Suzanne Collins weaves a wonderfully emotional story. Perhaps because of the situation these kids/teens are thrown into, but it gets your heart racing and you senses tingling. It’s action packed from the get go. From hunting to being hunted. Yet, between all the action there seems to be real bonds being forged between the characters. Keeping in mind that they’re fighting each other to be the last one standing. The emotional turmoil could have been played up a bit more, instead Collins has chosen to focus on the more romantic aspect.

To be frank, I wish she didn’t. Not that I don’t like the whole romance thing, BUT, I think Katniss could have been defined so much better if she wasn’t portrayed like a lovesick girl. I get the whole young adult, got to deal with romance stuff, but really, I don’t think every young adult is as obsessed with love as most authors portray them to be. But that’s besides the point.

Getting back to the book, it’s a good read, pretty short and I’m actually looking forward to the rest of the trilogy. Slightly predictable situations aside (I watch and read WAY too much to be surprised now a days), the most important thing for me in a book is always to be able to get lost in the world the author has created, to feel for the characters, to sense what they’re sensing and to enjoy the ride, which I did with the hunger games.

OH OH and of course there’s the movie based on the book that’ll be out next year. How exciting…


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