Playing favourites

I was bored and ended up looking through my anime list at the scores I’ve been giving the anime I’ve watched. I realized something, a lot of my favourites don’t score very highly and I was wondering why.

Logically and objectively I can determine if an anime is good or not, but in the end whether it’s something you will like and re-watch countless times will depend on personal preferences. That’s not to say the score is unbiased, I think it is, there are some animes I just cannot appreciate no matter how good everyone else thinks they are. But favourites for me are anime that I would watch over and over again.

For example, I have watched Gundam Seed more than once (or twice, or three times) but I wouldn’t watch Beck again. If you ask me why, I don’t think I’ll be able to answer you. Beck is an amazing anime, but I guess Gundam Seed just appeals to me more?

With that out-of-the-way, I just wanted to recommend some of my favourite animes. Some of them are executed perfectly in terms of the technical aspects as well as the plot and characters. Some are really just personal preferences, but all of them are not popular (or at least I think they should be more popular).

So here goes:

Bartender – I’m sure I’ve mentioned this anime before, but SERIOUSLY it’s one of the most mature slice of life animes I have ever seen and they give you the cocktail recipes at the end of each episode, how can you say no?

Kamichu! –  Slice of life with a sweet touch of comedy, very unique characters and an original set up.

Kamisama Kazoku – a predecessor of romance comedy’s like Lovely Complex. Let’s just say that this was the original.

Kekkaishi – my go to shounen, bordering on seinen. Enough said.

Michiko to Hatchin – PERFECTION, really. Girl power with action, comedy, mystery and a unique setting. You can’t ask for a better combination than the two main characters.

Mouryou no Hako – mystery, supernatural and general creepiness.

One Outs – Baseball and serious psychological games with a totally sexy main character throw in.

Paradise Kiss – Josei epicness. Character relationships were riveting, could not pull myself away from the very first episode.

Toshokan Sensou – the most funny setting for a non-comedy anime. And watch the special too, it was WAY too good.

Giant Killing – inspiring and funny sports anime. Not enough people watch this anime. Rectify it please.

Ginban Kaleidoscope – so so so sweet and so so so funny. It’s not the best romantic comedy out there, but it’s one that will leave an impression.

Moyashimon – It’s like genshiken but instead of being otakus they’re crazy about bacteria. It’s just full of surprises and laugh out loud moments. Also, they made a live action drama out of it! and one day I’ll make plushies of all the bacteria!

And that is all (for now) that I could think of. I know, there’s just TOO much underrated anime out there. Have any you’d like to share, or watched any that I’ve listed here? I ‘d like to know what you think too!


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