Manga: Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan

Our happy time is a one volume manga based on the novel of the same name. It is poignant, heart wrenching and beautiful.

It’s amazing that a short 8 chapters can convey a story of such magnitude, in which emotions overflow.

The story is about learning to want to live again. It’s about coming to terms with whatever bad things might have happened in the past, accepting it and moving on. This process of acceptance, forgiveness and essentially learning to love life despite all the things that have happened is something that will ring a chord with people who have considered or attempted suicide.

We meet a pianist that has tried to kill herself three times, who meets a prisoner who has killed three people. Both no longer want to live, but as they talk honestly with each other, the feelings of wanting to live burst forth. For the prisoner who has been sentenced to death, it is his punishment, for the pianist it is the ability to move on. They both have scared pasts, but through meeting each other and through understanding each other they realize that life is much better alive than dead.

I realize that I can’t even begin to properly describe or praise this manga. All I really can say is read it for yourself and you will understand.


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