Book: The complete Cosmicomics

Let me start the new year by telling you about an amazing author I recently discovered – Italo Calvino. I found his book If on a winter’s night a traveler in the bookstore and fell in love just by reading the first line of the book. I didn’t buy it, hoping I would be able to find it in the library. Instead I found his collection of short stories – the complete cosmicomics and reading it has cemented him as one of favourite authors of all time.

Who is he? Italo Calvino is an italian journalist and author. He is unfortunately dead, but his words will forever live on through his books. Wikipedia says he was the most-translated contemporary Italian writer at the time of his death, and a noted contender for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

About his writing style, I can’t say much, since I haven’t read many of his works, but from his short stories he has an uncanny ability make you believe you are the character he is writing. Admittedly it can be quite wordy at times and maybe because of the subject matter it can get boring at times. Personally, I stand in awe of his ability to let your imagination run wild, I love how he brings me places, places I would never otherwise have been able to go. Not just places though, but he brought to the beginning of the universe, to different events in the history of the world just through words alone.

The complete Cosmicomics is a collection of short stories about Qfwfq or more like Qfwfq tells the history of the world as he lived it. Qfwfq has been around since the beginning to time, he ponders about the beginning of time, of how the universe expands, the beginning of signs, he talks about love, about the moon, about the most fantastical things. And yet every story begins with a quote of some scientific fact – it could be about how the universe started with the big bang, it could be the theory of evolution and yet a story grows from it. Brilliant probably doesn’t do the author justice, but no words can describe the joy I derived from reading his stories and how my world has expanded because of it.

I highly recommend the book to those with an active imagination, to those who like reading and to those who like science. It can be quite philosophical at times, it can get boring (not sure if it’s a translation thing), but the stories he weaves will remain with you long after you’ve put down the book.

Can’t wait to read more of his books!

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