Anime: K-on! Specials

With the completion of the second season of K-on, I decided to go back and watch the specials that came with the first season.

First up, K-on! Ura-on!

Made up of seven 3 min shorts, Ura-on is first and foremost UGLY! It also contains very little animation. It does however play on each of the girls’ characters and quirks, placing them in different situations and showing us how each of them would react. Nothing really new and one has to have watched the series to appreciate what’s going on. All in all, a complete waste of time, thank goodness it was short.

The second special is the K-on! Special: Live House!

It’s like the 14th episode of the season and deals with the girls playing their first live on New Year’s Eve. It’s very much like most other episodes of K-on, although it is nice to see them trying out something completely new and meeting people outside of school. Also the realization that their ambition for afterschool tea time isn’t much as compared to many other bands out there. They do come out with a logo for the band though, which is cool and spend New Year’s Eve and Day together as K-on. For some reason, it’s always nice to see the girls together doing what the love best, having tea and playing music. This special I feel, is much more worth the time as compared to Ura-on!

With that I have completed everything to do with K-on’s first season. I feel so accomplished.

To end off, just want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Wish I was back in Singapore celebrating with family, but I’m sure celebrating with friends here in Canberra will be equally fun.


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