Anime: Durarara!!

This anime is the perfect example of what happens when one has high expectations before watching a series.

Durarara! is a special anime that manages to blend a variety of different genres together seamlessly. There is supernatural, friendship, gang wars, intrigue and mystery, hints of romance and school life. What I liked most about the anime was the way the story came together. You could almost see how different events and different characters intertwined. This anime rewarded you for paying attention. Minor details, names, glances, people in the background told you what might happen in the next few episodes. Of course there were epic plot twists, and if I had to choose a favourite, it had to be the one in episode 10. But there was a lot going on in the background which you would miss if you weren’t paying attention. Of course, all these background shenanigans were explained in the next episode, usually from a different point of view.

The characters were what made the anime interesting! They had (for lack of a better word) character. I enjoyed learning about each and every one of them. Although the back story of a few of them were left unexplained. I guess, this was possibly because the novels were still continuing and the story wasn’t finished. The variety of characters is impressive, from the Russian black dude, to the otakus in the van, there’s a character for all the different people that we live with.

Watching the anime, you can feel that there is much more, that everything is really just a precursor. That something, something big is going to happen, but we never actually get to that climax. I kind of hope for a second season, firstly because the characters could be stretched so much more, and secondly because it felt like the anime was going somewhere, but hasn’t quite reached its final destination yet. That was the main problem for me. The anime had two main arcs and both were good, well executed, well planned, well-developed. Yet there’s this nagging feeling that there could be more. I don’t like it when an anime gives hint of how much better it can be and not produce that climax. I was expecting a climax, an AMAZING climax. From all the good things I had heard about the anime, and about its predecessor Baccano! I think I expected better.

There was nothing wrong with the anime per se, I would go as far as to say the plot was really good. It’s just that, there were so many characters and because of that, I didn’t develop enough of a bond for any of them. I didn’t care what happened to any of them and that for me was the greatest downfall of the anime. They have Great characters, that have a story to tell, but if I don’t care what happens to the main characters, then regardless of how good the plot is, it doesn’t impact me at all. Add to that some stupidity on the part of the 3 main characters and you have a good anime when it good have been great.

I did however enjoy the opening themes! I like how they did mini recaps within those opening themes and to some extent kind of remind us of who the players were in the anime.

I admit I feel like I’m picking holes in the anime simply because it didn’t meet my expectations. Durarara! is an anime that I would fully endorse watching. It is philosophical, it tackles a range of issues, especially relevant with the internet age we live in. It is at times completely illogical but expects the audience to take the most ludicrous ideas with a pinch of salt and just swallow. Amazing how the anime doesn’t force the ideas it has down your throat, but just treats it as if it’s perfectly normal and you just begin to go along with it. Doctor in love with headless woman? No problem. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Totally normal.

Durarara! is really an anime about Ikebukuro. It’s about the interesting people that live there. It’s about the events and happening of Ikebukuro. Most of all it’s about the lives of 3 high school students and how their friendships and lives are affected by Ikebukuro. If only all our lives were so exciting! But that’s why we watch anime right?


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