Anime: Tears to Tiara

Remind me never to watch an anime that came from an eroge game. I hate harems so much.

But putting the hate aside, Tears to Tiara turned out to be a pretty good show. I admit that a lot of my favourite books, mangas and animes are not original. Instead they take myths, legends, fairy tales and make them new. I love how the creators are able to twist the things that we thought we knew so well to make something completely new. For example, Saiyuki which is based on Journey to the West, or Wicked, based off the Wizard of Oz and my all time favourite houshin engi based on the chinese classic – Creation of the Gods. I love this genre. Love it. Love it. Love it.

So yes, I quite liked Tears to Tiara as well. Unlike the above examples, it didn’t just draw from one source, but it took from Christianity, Welsh mythology and even the legend of King Arthur. The first episode sets up the premise nicely. There was the age of gold, the age of silver, the age of bronze. There was an age of dragons, an age of giants and the age of elves. And now we are in the age of iron or the age of humans as it were. With a starter like that, it’s no wonder I got sucked right in. However to draw from so many well-known sources, the anime suffers if the audience knows their mythology well enough. The plot becomes linear and once you see the parallels, you know where the story is heading. I for one kept seeing lord of the ring set ups in the beginning few episodes, but that’s completely not relevant.

The characters were flat. There was a harem of pathetic women (I HATE HAREMS – even if it’s reversed harems) with your typical range – the strong one, the hyper one, the useless one, the nice one. The male characters were not much better either, I mean seriously, please stop attracting women to your group. At least no one was overly annoying, at some point all the characters were useful and even the annoying ones didn’t have enough screen time to get on your nerves. Arawan the demon king was swathed in mystery and knew everything. Arthur had some form of character development although at times he reverted back to his old self which made you wonder if he had learnt anything at all. I will not even comment on the women. Even the antagonist weren’t interesting. They tried showing us the back story of some of the characters, but I don’t think it worked out very well. The antagonist were mostly just crazy, although I have to give a special mention to Gaius – he was one of the best characters in the show. At least he had some ambition and some brains to match.

As I mentioned, the plot was well thought out. Not bad considering how many different sources it was drawing from. But it is your fairly normal adventure type anime. Without giving too much away it is: gather comrades, defend city, attack the bad guys. You see why I kept seeing lord of the rings?

Why would I sit through 26 episodes if I hate the anime so much? Well, I didn’t hate Tears to Tiara. I grew kind of attached to the characters, I cried with them and laughed with them. The reason why I stuck with the anime was because of two things, I wanted to see what would happen in the end and the music.

Even though it became exceedingly obvious what would happen, I still needed to see it (and roll my eyes) for myself. It’s just one of those things. Repelled and attracted at the same time. Tears to Tiara has that effect on me. But really, it’s the music makes the anime much more epic than it is. This anime’s OST is one worth getting. It’s majestic at times, nostalgic at others. Perfectly composed and really draws out the emotions that well up inside you during the scene – be it sadness or courage. I don’t usually pay much attention to background music, but this anime relies on its background music to invoke feeling. The background music makes you sit up and pay attention.

This has been a surprisingly long review and to be honest I don’t know if I liked the anime or if I hated the anime. If it weren’t for the harem I might have really enjoyed tears to tiara. It has many good elements that makes it an anime worth watching. So, if you’re like me and hate harems or too many annoying female characters, throw caution to the wind and give Tears to Tiara a try. I cannot guarantee that you will love the anime, but it’s interesting enough in its own right and if you stick with it, it might surprise you in the end.

I love trying new things! Don’t you? You discover animes that you might never have watched otherwise! Although what made my day was actually finding out that they were remastering Gundam Seed. :) I’m the happiest girl alive. :)


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