Anime: Prince of Tennis: Pairpuri

This is the first picture drama I’ve watched and I must say it’s an interesting experience. Little to no animation, but the art was well drawn and the I paid a lot of attention to the voices, which were very good. I guess all the voice actors have a lot of experience considering how much anime, specials, drama CDs and character songs/albums Prince of tennis has spawned.

I do love the boys of prince of tennis. I will never believe they are middle schoolers, but Pairpuri does a good job of trying to remind us that they are still young and innocent. They get up to all sorts of things in those short 10 mins  episodes and we learn a lot about our favourite characters. It’s always amusing when the characters are not on the courts playing tennis, sometimes we forget that they have a life too. Pairpuri shows us what that life might look like and the humour that arises is always priceless.

For fans of the series, this is a MUST WATCH. Just for the laughs and the small snippets of life outside tennis. Most of the characters make an appearance, so I think there’s something for everyone. You have to watch or at least have read the manga to be able to appreciate this particular spin-off.

I would have loved it more if it were properly animated, but this wasn’t bad for a change of pace.


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