Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist: Milos no Seinaru Hoshi

is the new movie under the fullmetal alchemist banner. Two things stuck me the most. It wasn’t as polished as I expected it to be, this is mainly in terms of the smoothness of the animation and secondly it was a ridiculously gruesome movie.

There’s no indication when this movie takes place in the main storyline, but taking a guess, I would say pretty early on. Our favourite characters are back, and new characters are introduced. The movie tries to be a bit mysterious and it’s really action packed. Perhaps I’ve been spoilt by flawless animation sequences, but this movie didn’t seem to live up to the standard set by brotherhood. It was still good, just not amazing.

The plot itself is okay, some of the themes and moral dilemmas have been dealt with before. The problem was that nothing new was being brought to the table. Sure there are new characters but they feel sort of recycled with new faces. It’s very shounen (rather than seinen) with flashy action scenes, a cute girl, a tortured backstory and a cause that everyone is fighting for. There’s intrigue and political espionage as well, but this does little to add to the plot. Of course there’s the cursory funny moments, but these were sadly far and few between. The Elric brothers were always rather funny, but this time they felt so serious. Roy Mustang (my favourite character) made an appearance, although he was barely seen most of the time. His fighting was done off-screen (can you believe it?).

It was an enjoyable movie, it made me cry towards the end (I’m such a girl), it also made me skip all forms of bloody gruesome scenes, of which there are surprisingly quite a lot. I know I should be used to it after brotherhood, but it still makes me squirm. The opening and ending songs were actually good, but that’s the most I can say.

To watch or not to watch, that always seems to be the question. If you like FMA, I would say go for it. It’s on par with most of the Bleach movies (that isn’t actually a good thing is it?), fairly exciting, won’t bore you to tears, has a logical plot, although dialogue was a bit forced at times. But at the same time, it’s not a must watch. Am I being too critical or mean towards this movie? Perhaps, but that is because fullmetal alchemist holds a very dear place in my heart and I absolutely LOVED brotherhood. I’m sorry, but this movie doesn’t do justice to such a great series.


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