Anime: Usagi Drop Specials

Every anime series creates something extra to go along with the DVD. However the Usagi drop Specials are probably the first extras that are actually really special (pun not intended).

The series was great, but the specials lets us have a glimpse into their everyday lives, through the 4 different seasons. It’s sweet and Rin is such a darling that it’s hard not to love. I guess what I liked the most was that the specials kept all that was good in the anime and made 4 short snippets that would complement the series. I have nothing against chibi specials that are hilariously funny, but this was so good.

I really, really, really hope they make a second season.

One Response to “Anime: Usagi Drop Specials”
  1. John Samuel says:

    With any luch the Siren Visual release in Oz includes the specials. Unfortunately based on the Dennou Coil discs I’m not hopeful.

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