Anime: Planetes

I know I said I wouldn’t be around for a while, but I JUST finished watching Planetes and I felt that I needed to review it right away! It’s an anime that has really struck a chord with me. Perhaps because I identify so much with Hachimaki, but for some  reason I really connected to this … Continue reading

Anime: K-On!! Special

Okay, the movie for K-on is taking too long, so I had to get my fix by watching this special first. As the bridge between the 2nd season and the movie, this special was actually set before the ending of the second season. It was interesting, seeing the girls plan for their graduation trip. The … Continue reading

Anime: Witchblade

A spin-off from the popular American comic, the Japanese version is sorely lacking if you’re a fan of the original series. The plot is vastly different, but taken as a stand-alone, witchblade passes off as an okay anime. It’s not my cup of tea, I admit, but I try not to let all the boobs … Continue reading

Anime: Dennou Coil

There’s SOMETHING about Dennou Coil. Something that’s so understated throughout the anime and yet at the same time so compelling. It’s like a good book you can’t put down. It’s like a game you can’t stop playing until you’ve reached the end. It’s best watched when you have the time to spare, because I assure … Continue reading

Anime: Witch Hunter Robin

I’ve been planning to re-watch quite a number of old animes that I’ve seen some years back, witch hunter robin just happened to be the first one I decided to watch. There’s something nostalgic about re-watching anime. Especially when it’s something that you watched more than 5 years ago. I don’t actually remember when I watched Witch … Continue reading

Anime: Kimi to Boku

There are times in life when I really wish I was a boy and Kimi to Boku just seems to intensify this feeling. This anime about a group of 4 boys who knew each other since kindergarten is a light-hearted slice of life. The unique part would be that all the main characters are guys – … Continue reading

Anime: Fumiko no Kohuhaku

After watching Rain Town, I decided to check out some other work by the same creator – Ishida Hiroyasu more commonly known as Tete. Fumiko no Kohuhaku could be considered a polar opposite to Rain Town. It’s loud, funny and takes you a roller coaster ride. It’s full of action and movement and an amazing … Continue reading

Anime: Rain Town

In this town, since who knows when, rain has never stopped. Residents moved out to suburbs and high ground around “rain town”. People’s memories are now deeply submerged. But in this forgotten rainy town sometimes, someone wanders. Admit it, there’s something soothing and relaxing about listening to the rain. It calms and comforts and that’s what … Continue reading

Anime: Saraiya Gouyou

better known by its English title – The House Five Leaves. is what I consider to be a masterpiece. Even though it’s set in the Edo time period and the story revolves around a gang of kidnappers, there’s little to no action. What we get instead is a mature, well written, character driven drama with … Continue reading