Anime: Kimi to Boku

There are times in life when I really wish I was a boy and Kimi to Boku just seems to intensify this feeling. This anime about a group of 4 boys who knew each other since kindergarten is a light-hearted slice of life. The unique part would be that all the main characters are guys – how many slice of life animes have you seen with all boys? With the new addition of a transfer student, we see how life in high school is like for this group of friends.

How to describe this anime? I wouldn’t say it’s shounen, I would actually say it’s more shoujo. It’s the relaxed atmosphere, the comfortableness that reminds one of the shoujo genre. It’s not testosterone filled at all. In fact I would it’s more like honey and clover with a dash of ouran high school host club and in a similar vein to K-on! The characters do feel like copies of Ouran – there are the twins, the one with glasses, the happy-go-lucky one and the caring almost feminine one. At the same time Kimi to Boku is different. Romance is not its focus although it does creep in (they are high school boys after all). What we have is a portrayal of high school life from the boys’ view of things.

I have to admit that when I first saw episode 1 I wasn’t interested at all. I thought the dialogue was forced, the characters were lame and there wasn’t much of plot (or for that matter anything that happened). But when I came back to it and watched it bit more, it started to grow on me. What I liked the most about the anime were the characters! The twins deadpan humour was brilliant and the two of them very quickly became my favourite characters. There’s something about their aloofness, their sibling understanding and their differences that draws me in. Add to that some really memorable minor characters and this anime came to life! The plot is nothing new, Japan school life is more or less the same in every anime, there are the same events – summer festivals, cultural festivals, joining clubs and all that. But at the same time Kimi to Boku flashbacks to the boys’ kindergarten days, which was cute and insightful. Also the CATS! Each cat represented a boy and it was interesting, although I guess it doesn’t really add much plot-wise. I also loved the character thoughts (?) at the beginning and end of each episode. I think they added a new layer of meaning and nudges one to think a bit more about the episode.

It’s hard for me to comment on the chemistry among this group of friends but I’ll try anyway. There’s this feeling that because they grew up together, they know each other so well, to the point where gestures and looks pass between them instead of words. I think their closeness was portrayed really well and yet, at times they can be brutally honest with each other and do some of the meanest things. That to me is a sign of friendship that somehow girls’ don’t really share. And perhaps it’s what makes me envy boys so much.

Kimi to Boku is a lovely anime, it’s not as comedic as some of the other slice of life. It has it’s funny moments, but at the same time it has some really sweet moments that make you fall in love with the characters (not just the main characters mind you!). I know for sure that the second season will be at the top of my to watch list for the Spring 2012 anime season.

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