Anime: Witch Hunter Robin

I’ve been planning to re-watch quite a number of old animes that I’ve seen some years back, witch hunter robin just happened to be the first one I decided to watch.

There’s something nostalgic about re-watching anime. Especially when it’s something that you watched more than 5 years ago. I don’t actually remember when I watched Witch Hunter Robin, but there are two things I realized when re-watching it. My taste really hasn’t changed, I remember enjoying it the first time, and I still very much enjoyed it the second time. Admittedly some parts were a bit draggy, but the plot was cryptic enough and the audience still knows what’s going on. The overall story was good, a bit cliché but progressed well, things were revealed at the right time and the characters were fairly interesting.

Another thing I realized was more about the production studio – Sunrise. Now most people would associate them with the Gundam series, and they are most well-known for that. But really, Witch Hunter Robin is a perfect example of what Sunrise can do. Discarding the fact that animation is not always perfect, Sunrise has the ability to craft beautiful plots. Complex stories with mature characters with real struggles who continue to develop as the series progresses. Add to that a stellar minor character cast and you have success. If only they would stick to the formula more often. Then again they have produced pretty good stuff recently, so no complaints there.

Witch Hunter Robin tells the story of 15-year-old Robin who is obviously as the title suggests a Witch Hunter. The first few episodes explains what witches are, how they are hunted and essentially sets the groundwork for the all the twists and turns that are to come next. The plot builds steadily, we are slowly familiarized with characters and mysteries are introduced as well. I liked how the story developed. True, it can be slow at times, but honestly the timing for revealing key aspects of the plot was perfect. You can see the characters especially Robin changing and how the situations she encounters causes her to evolve. Definitely well executed. The minor characters also deserve mention, they were sufficient, adding to the plot and the atmosphere. They were used very well.

Of course with Sunrise, there’s always the problem of animation. Not that it was terrible, but every once in a while, there would be an awkward frame. The music on the other hand was very much to my liking. In essence I recommend this anime whole-heartedly, even if the characters don’t seem to reflect their ages. Even if you don’t like slow-moving shows, give it a shot. It really is worth the time, and the pace does pick up towards the end. I guess in some sense Witch Hunter Robin is similar to Ergo Proxy. Just not so philosophical.


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