Anime: Dennou Coil

There’s SOMETHING about Dennou Coil. Something that’s so understated throughout the anime and yet at the same time so compelling. It’s like a good book you can’t put down. It’s like a game you can’t stop playing until you’ve reached the end. It’s best watched when you have the time to spare, because I assure you the way each episode makes you come back for more is like an addiction. Now that’s it’s over, I actually feel empty and I’m tempted to watch the entire series again.

This review cannot do justice do this anime. It has changed my view of anime completely. It has most definitely become one of my favourite animes of all time, something that I will keep coming back to and really sets a standard for whatever anime is to come. In some sense I’m quite thankful I didn’t watch this earlier, yet I realize how much I missed out on. Where to begin?

Without giving too much away, Dennou Coil is amazing. There are no words that can describe what I’m feeling right now. I just feel like crying beacuase it’s over. I admit I was a bit distracted when watching the anime, there were times when I wasn’t paying attention and now I just feel bad for doing that, because this anime deserves my full attention. It may not come across as a very powerful anime, I mean it’s really just a bunch of kids running around right? But there’s so much more! Layer upon layer of story, it’s a really complex anime.

Okay, enough with the gushing, let’s start with the characters. They may all be just middle school kids and they do act their age which is refreshing and so nostalgic. Sure, a bunch of 12 year olds, yet they have experienced a good deal in their lives and are still at the age where they can still have fun, they can scare themselves silly with urban legends, they retain their sense of wonder of the world around them, they still have a sense of adventure and a unsatiable curiosity. This is what it means to be 12 year olds, wanting to be treated as adults, running off on their own, playing pranks, breaking rules, exploring the world but still so innocent and pure in their relationships. I think it’s the potential that we see in them that makes them so special. Add to that how much each main character grows throughout the anime and they almost become real people. There is a variety of characters in this anime, I wouldn’t say that any of them were cliché, each had a personality and a flaw that really made them believable and lovable. Personally I think a lot of work was put into creating the characters, their back stories, how they linked to each other and how they would change. They weren’t perfect, they were kids. With such believeavle characters the plot centered around two girls with the same name and polar opposite personalities.

Dennou Coil uses a third person narrative, but doesn’t give the audience all the information at once. We find things out slowly, it’s really all shown rather than told. We learn with the kids about what is happening in the world around them and how that world can affect them and how that world is changing. I can’t tell you the themes of the anime without giving it all away, but the storytelling in this particular anime is a beauty to behold. There never is a dull moment and everything that happens either has a meaning or leads to something. The mystery created is well thought out and it can be confusing at first, but by the end of the anime, you have a full understanding of what has happened in Dennou Coil. Everything is explained in the end and there are no loose ends. The relationships between characters are developed well and it’s really fun to watch them progress, be it fighting with each other or trying to understand each other. Also there’s a good balance of the funny episodes with more serious thought-provoking stuff. There are no fillers in this anime, although some episodes do seem as such, but I assure you they are welcome relief from the main plot. They work very well as breather between some of the heavier episodes. The opening narration to each episode gives us a hint of what is to come in the episode and more generally in the anime itself. They all link together forming this web that you can almost see, but you can most definitely make sense of. It’s complicated but not over-complicated as some animes can become. It touches on very real topics that everyone thinks about at some point. It deals with the themes and topics at hand very well, or at least better than some of the other animes/movies I’ve seen.

Dennou Coil is a very mature anime, even though the main characters are all very young. Standing at 26 episodes, it’s not too long or too short. It’s complete, leaving no questions, yet there is the potential for a second season left. To me, it’s perfect. If you haven’t already watched it, please do. I cannot seem to articulate myself with regards to this anime, it’s quite overwhelming.


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