Anime: Witchblade

A spin-off from the popular American comic, the Japanese version is sorely lacking if you’re a fan of the original series. The plot is vastly different, but taken as a stand-alone, witchblade passes off as an okay anime. It’s not my cup of tea, I admit, but I try not to let all the boobs get in the way of viewing pleasure.

Witchblade is a very confused piece of work. It’s decidedly marketed towards a male viewing audience, but at the same the heart of the story will pull at women’s heart-strings. It tried too hard perhaps to appeal to a large audience, but I think because of that it loses out in the end. Curvy women aside, few of the main characters had a unique personality. They were quite generic, and you could tell immediately who were there for comedic relief, who was there for drama, who was there as calafaire (or more boobies in this case) and so on. Perhaps the most inspired character was the young girl – Rihoko. She connected all the characters in some way or another and she was a breath of fresh air in contrast to all that was happening around her.

The plot is as cliché as plots go. It drives me nuts when I know where the story is heading, because I get bored really easily. Then again, Witchblade is fast-paced and never really gets boring. This anime is filled with plenty of fighting with a good dose of drama and mystery (not that complex) thrown in for good measure. Truth be told, I watched this show because I enjoyed the American live-action version. I was really scared and I knew from the first few scenes that this wasn’t going to be my favourite, but at the same time, I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. Which I guess goes to show how good this anime is.

If you don’t have a dirty mind like mine and don’t see all the sexual connotations all over the place, it’s quite an engaging show. I would have preferred if they put more thought into the characters and if the designs weren’t so overtly sexual, but I guess it turned out to be a pretty decent anime. What say you?


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