Anime: Shakugan no Shana 3 (Final)

Just some thoughts on the series  after watching it, this is going to be brief. I’ll write-up a proper review when I marathon the entire 3 seasons.

You know all those memes which end with “still a better love story than twilight”? This final season of Shakugan no Shana, would actually say: possibly a worse love story than twilight. Yes, I’m not kidding, it was THAT bad.

Perhaps it’s because it’s been quite awhile since I watched the previous season, but I don’t remember so many of the characters and how they are related or even relevant. Add to that an overly complicated plot (and this is coming from me – the person who loves a complex plot line). But really what gets to me the most is just the pointlessness of everything that happens in the anime. Meaningless, meaningless! I’m super disappointed. I haven’t rated an anime so low in so long. I’m just so unsatisfied now. The only good thing was the action sequences, they weren’t half bad. But really, too many characters spoil the broth, especially when your main two characters are OCC.

For fans of the first two seasons, stay away! To everyone else, just don’t bother. This is not worth the time. At all.


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