Anime: Toradora! Special

Toradora!: Bentou no Gokui which translates into the secret of bento

Not sure in which part of the main series the special is set, but it came out with the blue-ray box set.

You may not already know this, but Toradora! is my favourite school romance comedy anime. I don’t normally enjoy the genre that much, but Toradora changed that for me, so watching the special was just part of life. Okay, I admit I loved the series so much I watched it twice, so watching the special to relive the series was great! The special was like an episode from Toradora, it had all the funny, comedic elements that made Toradora hilarious. It also had all the sweeter moments between characters, especially between Ryuuji and Taiga that made the series endearing.

If you haven’t watched the special yet, let me warn you that there are spoilers from here onwards. SPOILERS! The special deals with…. you guessed it bento lunches. Usually made by Ryuuji for Taiga and himself, Ryuuji takes great pride in his cooking skills. So when Kitamura brings an amazing bento box made my his grandmother, Ryuuji goes on the offense and begins a competition (that only exists in his head) to see who is the better bento box maker. Through the special we see a glimpse of Taiga’s complete understanding of Ryuuji and her sweeter side. Their relationship always makes me smile.

For some reason many people were expecting an after-story. But seriously, I think the anime ended off at a very good point. Going any further would be pushing it. Besides to some extent the episode was an after story. The beginning and ending parts of the special were clearly not from the series timeline. I mean, Tiaga cooking a bento (beginning) and the group of friends gathered and getting Taiga to feed Ryuuji (ending). The main bulk of the episode is quite possibly a flashback, a sweet flashback with a story to tell. A story about the love poured into the making of bento.

So yes, if you’ve watched the series, watch the special! If you haven’t watched the series, go watch it and then watch the special too! It really is an amazing series.


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