Anime: UN-GO episode:0 Inga-ron

The prequel to the anime Un-go is actually an essential watch in order to better understand the anime. I’m not sure why they made it as a movie and only aired it after the main series. Baffling.

However as a 45 minute movie, this addition to the Un-Go franchise was pretty good. It answered a lot of questions from the anime itself and really gave us a better understanding of the main character – Yuuki. As a stand alone, it was also a good movie. It had a good balance of mystery and action. I would say it’s exactly what I’m looking for in a mystery anime. At the same time, it doesn’t give the entire game away and leaves just enough space for a possible second season. A season I am actually looking forward to. There are still some mysteries to unravel and plots to uncover.

Together with the movie, the Un-go series has become a pretty decent mystery anime and it’s sad that it wasn’t very popular. There doesn’t seem to be much hope for a second season, but it still is worth the watch.

In other news, I’ve finally updated all the past review posts in terms of adding pictures and tags as well as correcting some glaring mistakes in grammar, punctuation and what not. However, I will be going on hiatus. I think I’ve watched way too much anime (Is that even possible? Apparently yes, it is.) and just can’t find anything interesting right now. I might delve into reading books, but I do have a thesis to finish. So it might be a few weeks before you see me next.

2 Responses to “Anime: UN-GO episode:0 Inga-ron”
  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    I wish there were a second season because I felt there were so many holes that needed to be filled. Initially, the show didn’t make much sense to me but it started coming together with the latter episodes. Then it just ended.

    • everworld says:

      True, the ending was quite abrupt. I thought the movie cleared up a number of questions surrounding the main characters, especially with respect to Inga. But yes, a number of questions do remain.

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