Anime: CardCaptor Sakura Season 1

There’s something nostalgic about rewatching old childhood series. For me this is all the more so with regards to Cardcaptor Sakura. It was the first manga I read and fell in love with as well as one of the first animes I was really obsessed over. I guess you could say Cardcaptor Sakura inducted me into the world of anime and it’s a series with high sentimental value for me.

It seems quite apt then to watch this series almost 12 years later as my years of education come to a close. Not only did it tide me through period of extreme stress while writing my thesis, but it also reminded me of the happier things in life. (Yes, thesis writing for me was THAT bad)

Traditionally cardcaptor sakura can be broken down into 3 seasons and 2 movies, although myanimelist considers it to be just one 70 episode season. For the purpose of my review and because I’ve always considered it a 3 season anime, I’m going to break it down and start with the first season. This review may be different from my other reviews, firstly because this is a rewatch of an anime I’ve watched a long time ago and also because of biasness that comes with nostalgia.

Can I just begin by saying that for me if there was ever a couple I loved and respected it would be Sakura and Li. They are what most people could call my One True Pair (OTP). It’s completely irrelevant in this season, but because I love them as a couple SO much, this first season was just a tad weird for me and I realized many things while rewatching this anime.

Cardcaptor Sakura comes off as your typical magical girl shoujo anime series, but if you’re watching it as a teenager or even an adult you’ll realized that it’s much more than an anime for little girls. Putting that aside for season 2 and 3, let’s talk about the more girly stuff. The character designs are cutesy and likeable. The battle costumes that Sakura uses are AWESOME and really makes me want to cosplay as her. REALLY. Total respect for the number of costumes changes she undergoes throughout the series. Of course the cards that she catches/collects are all pretty cool too. They’re designed almost like tarot cards and are pretty to look at be it in their card form or in their “real” forms. Add to that the obvious infatuation Sakura and Li have for Yukito is way too cute to watch. So yes, as you can see all the factors are adding up to make a really adorable anime.

Character wise Sakura is a pretty okay character, she starts off a bit adverse to the whole being a magical girl thing, but she grows into the role. Tomoyo her best friend is her number one fan and I admit it gets kinda too much at times. Li the rival is serious enough to combat the sometimes klutzy Sakura. I guess, in essence the characters really complement in each other. They balance each other out. In terms of character growth there isn’t much per se. More of their characters are shown as the series progress and I guess Sakura does change and mature in some ways, but I don’t think a lot of emphasis is placed on that.

Plot-wise there’s nothing unique or special about it. It is your typical magical girl genre, although the range of cards make for some pretty interesting and funny episodes, whilst others remain more action packed. And that more or less sums up season 1. There is no real conclusion to season 1, it really feels like more of an introduction of things to come. It sets the stage and leaves some mystery as well as the climax of the arc to season 2.

For me personally, Cardcaptor Sakura serves as my recommendation for those who are interested to see what the magical girl genre is like. I wouldn’t say it’s the best series out there, but I would go so far as to say it’s a classic that many people love and continue to watch. So give it a shot if you haven’t already and I’ll see you in Season 2.

One Response to “Anime: CardCaptor Sakura Season 1”
  1. SuperCold says:

    Haha I remember watching this a couple of years ago. It is as you say really nostalgic!

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