Book: Eragon

I read this book when it first came out, way back when there was a huge furor over Christopher Paolini. The boy who had written a novel and had it published. It was quite epic at the time and I must have enjoyed the book enough then, because the desire to read the sequels was rooted in me since then.

However, I tend not to buy books, and popular books are always on loan at the library, so it wasn’t until recently (after the series had ended) that I borrowed the entire set of 4 books from a friend to read. That proved to be too ambitious and I only managed to finished reading the first book and a bit of the second book. I have to say though that the book still proved to be a pretty good read a second time round. Still I’m no longer a teen and I’m not a huge fan of young adult fiction, so I can’t say I loved Eragon. It’s a good book, just not my kind of book.

The plot elements used in the book are too obvious to my liking. I enjoyed the beginning of the book immensely, but after while it felt like the book was losing me. I just wasn’t engaged anymore. The plot was progressing too linearly, there weren’t any twists and turns, there was no surprise at the turn of events. It also became very political. And that is both good and bad. Good because it made for more drama, bad because it wasn’t intriguing. I just felt the story was too straight forward. Too blunt?

It was well written, the characters were good especially Eragon and Saphira. Their relationship was unique and yet very believable. Still with the hint of romance and the whole prophecy thing, it was clear where some characters were heading, what archetypes they were to fall into. But that’s tackled in the rest of the novels.

I recall there was a lot of similarities drawn between the Inheritance series and Lord of the Rings. There is a good deal of similarity and honestly I much prefer Lord of the Rings. It’s much more mature and timeless, while in Eragon you can still see the inexperience of the author. I’m not talking about skill or ability in writing or crafting stories or even an entire world. Christopher Paolini has crafted an amazing world which has history and is vivid and is truly alive. But I’m talking more of the life experience of the author can be seen through their stories. Lord of the rings comes off as much more mature and wise, it’s telling an epic journey and a the timeless war of good vs. evil. Eragon on the other hand is about a boy and his journey to fight the bad guy. It’s scale isn’t as grand although it’s setting tries to be. Eargon goes on a journey as well, but it’s more a journey to figure out his identity as compared to Frodo’s journey to save the world.

That said, given the opportunity I would read the rest of the novels in the series. Firstly for the sake of completion, and secondly because the tale that Christopher Paolini spins is pretty interesting. I just need to put all comparisons aside and let myself be absorbed by the books.


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