Day 03 – Your favourite series

I’ve read a good number of series over the years. Starting out with series from my childhood/pre teen years like Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, The Three Investigators, Babysitters Club and more that I don’t recall. Yes I was a huge mystery buff since young. The series that has really left a deep impact on me was one that I read when I was around 13 I think. It was the September holidays and I had fell sick and was only able to lounge in bed hoping that the fever would go down. In that one week when I was sick, I chanced upon the Everworld series by K. A. Applegate who is also the author of the animorphs series (which I never read). I finished it in that one week, reading book after book.

The Everworld series is probably what has made me so interested in myths and lore of different countries and cultures. It probably also is the beginning of my undying love for Loki, the trickster Norse God. Everworld opened my eyes to fantasy and the enjoyment that could be had out of that genre. Also it wasn’t very medieval in nature and there was such a mix of different worlds that for me who had at that age hadn’t read much fantasy was just breathtaking. It has really shaped my reading. If you notice a lot of the books that I continue to enjoy are all in the same vein as Everworld. So it’s a nostalgic and very significant series in my life. However, I don’t actually remember much of the plot of the characters. It’s one of the series/books that I would like to re-read just to refresh my memory. At the same, I’m so scared that if I read it now, I won’t like it anymore. What if my memories of the book have been overly grandeurized and it isn’t as epic as I remember it to be? More than anything, I would like the series to continue to have that significant place in my heart. Such a dilemma.

Finally, as much as I would say that Everworld is my favourite series, that have been others that come close. The  Wicked Years series by Gregory Maguire, the Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, the Lord of the Rings by J.R.R Tolkein, the Hunger City Chronicles by Philip Reeve and of course Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. Who can forget the Three Musketeers and it’s sequels by Alexandre Dumas and the Little Women and it’s counterparts by Louisa May Alcott. The list goes on, but in light of tomorrow’s post, I will have to go with Harry Potter. Simply because I actually know which is my favourite book in the series. A lot of the series I have read, I don’t remember what happened in each book to actually pick a favourite. Or in the case of Lord of the Rings, I don’t actually have a favourite.

That was the long answer.

The short answer is: The Harry Potter series.

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