Anime: Kimi to Boku 2

The second season of Kimi to Boku is in my opinion even better than the 1st. A rare feat in the anime world.

With the cast of characters already introduced in the first season, the second season jumps right in expanding on the many happenings of season 1. The 2nd season begins with the approach of winter, and we’re reacquainted with the boys and their antics with a sleepover episode. From there we begin to explore many of the relationships that had begun to develop in season 1. Foremost was the love triangle between Shun, Mary and Chizuru. Their relationship was the one that was dwelled upon the most and no doubt it was the most interesting, but time was also given to look at Yuuki’s and Kaname’s innocent loves.

The reason I like Kimi to Boku so much is that it’s almost a shoujo series and yet because we’re looking at love from a guy’s point of view, it isn’t your usual shoujo (overly dramatic) anime. I guess because the main characters are guys, it is classified as a shounen series,yet the shoujo undertones are very obvious. Also it retains it’s slice of life atmosphere very well. Personally I think of it as a blend between Kimi ni Todoke and Natsume Yuujinchou. It’s a very honest portrayal of a high school boys life and it touches on a number of topics that are pertinent at that age. Each of the boys have distinct characters that allows from the exploration of a range of topics.

To be honest, I guess there’s nothing original in the anime. These topics have been tackled in many a high school anime, but the thing that sets Kimi to Boku apart is firstly the art style and direction of the anime as well as the characters themselves. So many high school animes that have come out in the past are always from the girls perspective, to see things from a guy’s point of view is refreshing, and makes you realize that there are distinct differences between the sexes, but at the same time we worry and think about the same things as well. A lot of the episodes in the anime, dealt with romance, but even so, I wouldn’t say that romance was the focus of the anime. The boys were still living out their lives as students, and student life is a lot more than just romance.

About the art style and direction, I really liked the inclusion of the cats. I think they are super cute and that they really do portray the guys nature, in the sense that they are really carefree and laid back. Also the cats portray what is happening in the particular scene, which can make the scene all the more sweeter and cuter. Kimi to Boku uses a variety of means to convey feelings and thoughts that can’t be expressed in the anime itself. I think that it’s both beautiful and really sets this anime apart. Besides just using cats to do this, I particular loved the beach scenes with Mary and Chizuru. I think they were very meaningful and conveyed so much more than could have been done otherwise. Also the “mature/grown up” scenes between Yuuki and Kayo. Sigh, I have so much love for the way they made this anime. It really propelled the anime to greater heights. That scene between Kaname and Shizuna was also SO amazingly done. I think that particular scene had the most impact on me in the whole episode.

The only gripe I have is that Yuuta wasn’t featured a little bit more, he is my favourite character in the gang and I just wanted to see where his story was going. I’m definitely looking forward to a 3rd season of Kimi to Boku and the many new experiences the five of them will have in their 3rd and last year of high school. I would say to go watch this season if you haven’t already and really give Kimi to Boku a try. It’s a good reminder that not all shounen animes have to include fan service, but at the same time that boys will be boys.

Also, if you haven’t already, watch the first season. It’s pretty good as well! I wrote about it here: 

2 Responses to “Anime: Kimi to Boku 2”
  1. -blacksheep says:

    we just had the same complain about not having enough Yuta in this season. The only episode that probably showed more of Yuuta was the twins episode. I’m also looking forward for a 3rd season! Sure do hope there’ll be one :D

    • everworld says:

      YUTA! :) The twins episode was so sweet!! I love how they had that mini role reversal. Sigh, but totally more Yuta is required. He seems like the really observant, caring, supportive character and totally deserves more attention!

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